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EU Influenza Research  
Project partners in EU-funded influenza research
A major feature of EU-supported research is the range of skills, disciplines and nationalities which are frequently drawn together into consortia to meet the challenge at hand. Although teamwork, knowledge-sharing and collaborative effort are highly welcomed in European projects and networks, the efforts of a number of talented individual partners in such research activities should also be acknowledged.

Selected EU project partners (alphabetically):

Ilaria Capua, Legnaro (IT)
Xavier de Lamballerie, Marseille (FR)
Walter Fiers, Ghent (BE)
Véronique Jestin, National Reference Laboratory (FR)
Bruno Lina, Lyon (FR)
Johan Neyts, Leuven (BE)
Albert Osterhaus, Rotterdam (NL)
John S. Oxford, London (UK)
Rino Rappuoli, Siena (IT)
Xavier Saelens, Ghent (BE)
John Wood, NIBSC (UK)