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EU Influenza Research  


Presentations and documents on European influenza research activities:

EU-funded research on influenza
Octavi Quintana
Director – Health, DG Research, European Commission
PDF (648 Kb)

EU-funded research on influenza in animals
Christian Patermann
Director – Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food Research, DG Research, European Commission
PDF (596 Kb)

Antiviral drugs against influenza
Johan Neyts
Rega Instituut, KU Leuven
PDF (1 Mb)

Immunization with a novel, M2e-based vaccine protects against influenza
Xavier Saelens
PDF (1 Mb)

ESNIP - The European Surveillance Network for Influenza in Pigs
Kristien Van Reeth
University of Ghent
PDF (966 Kb)

Veterinary aspects of Avian Influenza: the submerged part of the iceberg
Ilaria Capua
IZSVe, Padova, Italy
PDF (484 Kb)