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How to answer a call

FP6 finances research activities via a number of funding instruments (or tools). The main instruments are:

  • Integrated Project (IP): IPs are designed to answer an important scientific question and to generate the critical mass of activities and resources needed to achieve ambitious, clearly defined scientific and technological objectives.
  • Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP): STREPs are similar to IPs but are smaller in scale. These projects need to be sharply focused on a particular scientific aspect.
  • Network of Excellence (NoE): NoEs aim to strengthen scientific and technological excellence on a particular research topic by integrating, at European level, the necessary resources and expertise to achieve European leadership in the field.
  • Specific Support Action (SSA): SSAs are intended to complement the other instruments in the implementation of FP6 through the analysis and dissemination of results or the preparation of future activities.
  • Coordinated Actions (CA): CAs are a continuation of the concerted actions/thematic networks used in FP5, but reinforced to promote and support networking and coordination of research and innovation aimed at improving integration.
Answering a calling
An FP6 call for proposals outlines the areas in which the Commission is inviting research consortia to submit project proposals. If interested in submitting a proposal, follow the clear guidelines set out by the Commission and observe the stated deadline. The applications procedure can be complex, particularly for first-timers, but help is available online (see More info).

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