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Malaria Projects

List of Malaria projects sorted by Acronym

ADMALI Adhesive Interactions in Malaria: New Targets for Intervention
ADVAC-EC Advanced Vaccinology Training for Scientists from ACC and Developing Countries: From Genomics to Vaccination Strategies for Communicable Diseases Linked to Poverty
AMVTN/AMANET African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network
AntiMal Development of New Drugs for the Treatment of Malaria
ARTESUNATE Research and Development of Rectal Artesunate
ATTMAL New Genetic Technologies: Applications to Generate Attenuated Malaria Vaccines
BioMalPar Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite
CILMALVAC The Tetrahymena system as an innovative approach to malaria antigene expression
EDCTP European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Programme
EMLI Phase-I and II Trials of the Malaria Pre-Erythrocytic Vaccine LSA-3 and Refinement  of Measurable Outcomes
EMVDA The European Malaria Vaccine Development Association
EURHAVAC European Network for Harmonisation of MalariaVaccine Development
EUROMALVAC1 A European Malaria Vaccine Development Consortium
EUROMALVAC-2 The Second Phase of a European Malaria Vaccine Development Consortium
Evimalar Towards the establishment of a permanent European Virtual Institute dedicated to Malaria Research (Evimalar).
FACT Development of Oral Fixed Dose Artesunate-Based Combinations for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Malaria
HUMALMAB Human monoclonal antibodies as tools for malaria research and therapy
LAMNET New Approaches to Improve Coverage and Compliance of Antimalarial Treatment for Pregnant Women in Rural Africa
Malaria Age Exposure Age of Exposure and Immunity to Malaria in Infants
MalariaPorin Validation of the Plasmodium Aquaglyceroporin as a Drug Target
MALCROSS Genetic Analysis of the Chloroquine Drug Resistance and the Accelerated-Resistance-to Multiple Drugs Phenotypes in the Human Malarial Parasite Plasmodium Falciparum
MALINV Differential Expression of Malaria Invasion-Associated Proteins in the porozoite: Novel Vaccination Strategy
MALTRANS Project Interruption of Malaria Transmission Vaccine Strategies
MALVECASIA Monitoring Insecticide Resistance and Mapping Malaria Vectors in Southeast Asia : A Prerequisite for Sustainable Malaria Vector Control
MAMOP Improving the Management of Childhood Malaria: An Experiment to Bridge the Gap Between Mothers and Healthcare Providers
MEPHITIS Targetting protein synthesis in the apicoplast and cytoplasm of plasmodium
MPCM Pathogenic Role of MicroParticles in Cerebral Malaria
NANOMAL Development of a handheld antimalarial drug resistance diagnostic device using nanowire technology
NEW ANTIMALARIALS Clinical and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Fosmidomycin and its Derivates as Antimalarial Drugs
NOVEL ANTIMALARIALS Malarial Chemotherapy Targeting Plasmodial Phospholipid Biosynthesis: Implementation of a Pro-drug Strategy for Orally Active Compounds
PAMVAC The Development of Vaccine Against Pregnancy-Associated Malaria - PAMVAC (Pregnancy-Associated Malaria Vaccine)
Plasmodium dUTPase Deoxyuridine Triphosphate Nucleotidohydrolase as a Drug Target against Malaria
PREMA-EU A Cost-Shared Concerted Action on Malaria and Anaemia Control in Pregnant Women
PreMalStruct Structural analysis of the CSA binding interactions involved during pregnancy associated malaria
PRIBOMAL Preclinical Studies towards an Affordable, Safe and Efficacious Two-Component Paediatric Malaria Vaccine
PVPFDHFR Dihydrofolate Reductase-Thymidylate Synthase from Plasmodium Vivax and P. falciparum as Targets for Antimalarial Chemotherapy
READ-UP Redox Antimalarial Drug discovery
REDMAL Clinical Development of a Pfs48/45-based malaria transmission blocking vaccine
RESMALCHIP Development of a Malaria-Resistant DNA Chip as a Public Health Tool for the Management of Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria Drug Resistance
SENSITIVE TARGETS Oxygen-Sensitive Enzymes of the Mevalonate-Independent Isoprenoid Biosynthesis Pathway as Targets for New Antimalarial and Anti-TB Drugs
SIGMAL Targeting Malaria Transmission Through Interference with Signalling in Plasmodium falciparum Gametocytogenesis
SME Malaria SME Led Malaria Vaccine Initiative
VIRIMAL Structure, Function and Vaccine Potential of the Vir Multigene Family in Malaria
VITBIOMAL Vitamin Biosynthesis as a Target for Antimalarial Therapy