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2008 Projects

List of projects started in 2008 (sorted by Acronym)

ENAROMaTIC European Network for Advanced Research on Olfaction for Malaria Transmitting Insect Control
ESI-TBVI Establishment, Strategy and Initial activities of the TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative : Coordination of European efforts with global research initiatives
EUCO-Net European Network for global cooperation in the field of HIV & TB
HIVIND The antiretroviral roll out for HIV in India - generating evidence to promote adherence and patient follow-up in the context.
NATT New Approaches to Target Tuberculosis
NOstress Unraveling the molecular mechanism of nitrosative stress resistance in tuberculosis
NOVSEC-TB Novel secretion systems of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and their role in host-pathogen interaction.
PreMalStruct Structural analysis of the CSA binding interactions involved during pregnancy associated malaria
PENTA LABNET Paediatric European Network Treatment AIDS Laboratory Network
PRD College Poverty Related Diseases-College: International Programme on BioMedicine and Development
StopLATENT-TB “LATENT TUBERCULOSIS: New tools for the detection and clearance of dormant Mycobacterium tuberculosis.”
TBsusgent Sustaining research momentum over the coming decades: mentoring the next generation of researchers for tuberculosis.
TM-REST TM-REST: a new platform for fast molecular detection of MDR and XDR resistant strains of M. tuberculosis and of drug resistant malaria
TransMalariaBloc Blocking Malaria Transmission by Vaccines, Drugs and Immune Mosquitoes: Efficacy Assessment and Targets