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2005 Projects

List of projects started in 2005 (sorted by Acronym)

AntiMal Development of New Drugs for the Treatment of Malaria
Auto/AlloCell-HIV Development of a Novel Therapeutic HIV-1 Vaccine: Horizontal Gene Transfer by Using Apoptotic HIV-1 DNA Containing Activated T-cells
EPI-VAC Identification of Novel Epitopes as HIV-1 Vaccine Candidates
HIDDEN HIV CHALLENGE Challenging the Hidden HIV: Understanding the Block on Transcriptional Reactivation to Eradicate Infection
HIV VIROSOMES Development of a New Vaccine Against HIV: Virosomes Incorporating HIV proteins
HIVAB Generation of Broadly Cross Neutralising Antibodies for Innovative Active-passive HIV Vaccination Strategies Based on Modified Ig-gene Transgenic Mice
Malaria Age Exposure Age of Exposure and Immunity to Malaria in Infants
MalariaPorin Validation of the Plasmodium Aquaglyceroporin as a Drug Target
MALINV Differential Expression of Malaria Invasion-Associated Proteins in the porozoite: Novel Vaccination Strategy
MM-TB Molecular Markers of M. tuberculosis Early Interactions with Host Phagocytes
Neotim Innate and adaptive immunity in clinical and experimental mycobacterial infection in neonates and infants
NeutNet Standardisation of HIV Neutralisation Assays to be Used in Vaccine Research and Clinical Trials
NEWHIVTARGETS Identifying novel classes of HIV inhibitors
NEWTBDRUGS New Drugs for Persistent Tuberculosis: Exploitation of 3-D Structure of Novel Targets, Lead Optimisation and Functional In-Vivo Evaluation

A Combined Pox-virus/Lentiviral Vector System to Treat HIV Infection; Immunisation and Direct In Vivo Gene Transfer in T-Lymphocytes

READ-UP Redox Antimalarial Drug discovery
scrIN-SILICO Finding Promising Drug Candidates Against Tuberculosis with
Multidisciplinary Protocol Based Non-Conventional Search
SENSITIVE TARGETS Oxygen-Sensitive Enzymes of the Mevalonate-Independent Isoprenoid Biosynthesis Pathway as Targets for New Antimalarial and Anti-TB Drugs
SIGMAL Targeting Malaria Transmission Through Interference with Signalling in Plasmodium falciparum Gametocytogenesis
TB Treatment Marker Establishing a TB Treatment Efficacy Marker
TB-DRUG OLIGOCOLOR Development of a Molecular Platform for the Simultaneous Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Resistance to Rifampicin and Fluoroquinolones
TIP-VAC Explaining and Improving Efficacy of Targeted Immunodeficiency Virus-like Particle Vaccines against AIDS
Tuberculosis China The Diversity of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Strains in China: Tracing the Origins of the Worldwide Dispersion of the Multidrug-Resistant Beijing Genotype
UNITE-MORE Uniformity in Testing and Monitoring HIV Resistance
Vaccines4TB Genome- and HLA- Wide Scanning and Validation of Cytotoxic CD8 T Cell Responses against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
VaccTIP Vaccine Strategies for Combined Targeting of Innate and Adaptive Immune Pathways
VIAV Very Innovative AIDS Vaccine
VirApt Antiviral Aptamers for Treatment of HIV-1 Infection
VITBIOMAL Vitamin Biosynthesis as a Target for Antimalarial Therapy