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Strategic Support Measures (Quality of Life Programme)

Conference ‘Microbicides 2002’ Antwerp, 12-15 May 2002
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 35 063
2 months
Starting date:
1 May 2002

Keywords: Life sciences; medicine; health; safety; scientific research; social aspects


Advances in HIV therapy have extended the life expectancy of thousands but have not significantly affected HIV transmission. Women and children continue to bear the disproportionate burden of the epidemic. A cure is still not available, therefore effective agents that can prevent/reduce transmission worldwide through antimicrobial action must be identified. Since the only effective protection, the male condom, is not used 100% for many reasons, other protection methods, especially those that are female controlled, are urgently needed. An effective topical microbicide would fulfil this need and has the potential to drastically alter the course and face of the HIV epidemic globally.


The specific goals of the conference are:

1) to provide updates on current research in microbicides and to review the state-of-the-art methodological, clinical, ethical, and behavioural issues in microbicide research
2) to allow opportunities for researchers and public health workers from developed and developing countries to identify practical applications for current research and clinical trials, as well as ways to extend knowledge about topical microbicides
3) to present opportunities for new investigators to become more involved in the microbicide research, as well as updates on advocacy for grassroots associations.

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