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Improvement of a Therapeutic Adjuvanted Protein HIV Vaccine by Combination with DNA Immunisation in a Prime-Boost Regimen
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 1 062 554
36 months
Starting date:
1 November 2002

Keywords: HIV Vaccine; prime-boost; SHIV model; protein vaccine; DNA vaccine; HIV-1/MuLV model


The project covers preclinical evaluation of an improvement of an adjuvant protein HIV vaccine that entered clinical evaluation in February 2002.  The improvement will be achieved through a combination of the adjuvanted protein vaccine with particle-mediated immune delivery of DNA (PMID-DNA) in a prime-boost immunisation regimen.  This regimen will be investigated in mice and rhesus monkeys for superior immunogenicity and for efficacy in HAART.


The projects work contributes to developing an efficacious HIV-1 vaccine.  The rationale of the immunisation strategy is targeted at preventing disease and eventually showing therapeutic benefit to already diseased individuals.  Both vaccines’ profiles would be of value to public health.


The primary aim is to improve an adjuvanted protein clade B HIV vaccine. The secondary aim is to demonstrate, in mice and monkeys, the increase of HIV-specific humoral and cellular immune responses induced by a prime-boost regimen over single modality administration, ie. adjuvanted protein vaccine alone. The efficacy of a prime-boost regimen will be demonstrated in MuLV-mice and SHIV monkey models.

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