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Tuberculosis (INCO)

Project to coordinate the write up of a protocol for a clinical trial aimed at shortening treatment for tuberculosis
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 90 000
4 months
Starting date:
1 August 2002


The treatment of tuberculosis currently requires a minimum of six months of chemotherapy. Reducing this duration to four months would improve patient compliance and would consequently reduce transmission of tuberculosis in the community. This could be made possible if another drug, most probably a fluoroquinolone, was added to the current regimen. This proposal is about setting up a project for a clinical trial to test this hypothesis, with scientific teams from Europe and Africa working closely together.


  • Reduce the treatment time for tuberculosis to 4 months (it currently runs at 6 to 8 months) so as to facilitate the adherence of the sick to the treatment and thus lessen the transmission of the infection within the community.
  • Develop and reinforce  the international Europe
  • Africa network to make therapeutic trials in the field of tuberculosis.
  • Identify the health centres that participate in this clinical research in Africa.
  • Write up a complete protocol to undertake a clinical trial allowing the above mentioned objectives to be met.
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