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Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health. School-Based HIV/AIDS Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 1 310 000
42 months
Starting date:
Autumn 2002


In sub-Saharan Africa, action against the spread of HIV/AIDS, particularly targeting sexual and reproductive behaviours of young people, is urgently needed. Effective and culturally relevant approaches based on high-quality research must be developed, and using local African expertise is crucial. This research project aims at developing and evaluating (quantitatively as well as qualitatively) a theory and databased sexual and reproductive health intervention administered through schools targeting adolescents aged 12-14. Intervention studies (with intervention schools and control schools) will take place at three sites. Experienced researchers from three African and four European universities/research institutes have joined forces and formed a cross-disciplinary team responsible for the present project.


The overall aim is to develop knowledge on how to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted HIV by changing risk behaviours among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa. The specific objectives are:

1) to develop a framework for cost-effective and culturally sensitive school-based sexual and reproductive behaviour interventions, based on reviews of previous studies, a state of the art theoretical framework and situation analyses at three sites
2) to conduct and evaluate interventions at the selected sites in order to examine and improve the intervention framework
3) to test and improve existing theoretical models for predicting sexual and reproductive behaviours in ‘new’ cultural contexts
4) to contribute to the development of expertise and scientific excellence on health behaviour change intervention and research among all partners.

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