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Strategic Support Measures (INCO)

EU Accelerated Action Against Tuberculosis: The Agenda for Africa
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 69 000
6 months
Starting date:
1 September 2001


In September 2000, the European Commission (EC) made a special communication on an "accelerated action targeted at major communicable diseases within the context of poverty reduction". Within this frame (following EC recommendations to develop innovative partnership, expand the research portfolio and create global mechanisms and incentives to direct research and development to the major communicable diseases that disproportionately affect the developing countries), this consortium proposes to convene a workshop examining major salient issues related to the fight against tuberculosis. The aim of this workshop is to develop a new research agenda for coherent and concerted research actions on tuberculosis in Africa, strengthening coordination of research activities in Europe and in Africa. This workshop will take place in Dakar (Senegal) in April or May 2001 for a duration of three days.


The overall objective of the workshop is to develop an agenda for concerted research actions to improve prevention and treatment of TB in Africa. The specific objectives are:

1) to examine the means to improve access to prevention and treatment of TB to the most vulnerable groups in Africa
2) to develop innovative approaches to improve TB control through increased partnership and faster delivery mechanisms
3) to develop actions for the development of new products (vaccines/drugs) aimed at improving the fight against TB and build up a clinical trial capacity through the national TB control programmes in Africa
4) to examine ways of testing new tools for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in Africa
5) to set up a network of scientists based in Africa and Europe working in collaboration to research for the prevention and treatment of TB.

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