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European network of HIV/AIDS cohort studies to coordinate at European and International level clinical research on HIV/AIDS
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
12,000,000 €
60 months
Funding scheme :
Network of Excellence
Starting date:

Keywords: HIV, AIDS, cohort collaboration, multidisciplinary, Network of Excellence, research, training, antiretroviral therapy, prediction models, migrants, tuberculosis, hepatitis, incidence, surveillance


Over the past 15 years, some of the biggest HIV cohorts and collaborations - CASCADE, COHERE, EuroSIDA and PENTA - have played a central role in developing our understanding of HIV progression and the effects of antiretroviral therapy, enabling European expertise to contribute directly to the advances in patient diagnosis and management of HIV worldwide, while providing a continued surveillance mechanism for the detection of emerging problems at a European level. Together, these collaborations form the foundation of a Network of Excellence called EuroCoord.

EuroCoord currently has access to data from over 250,000 HIV-infected children and adults across the European continent and beyond, both male and female, infected through sex between men, sex between men and women, injecting drug use, hospital-acquired and from mother to child, with and without co-infection with hepatitis viruses, of different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, from indigenous and migrant populations, and in settings with varying levels of access to care and laboratory techniques. The multidisciplinary research undertaken by the network will address key areas aimed at improving the management and life of HIV-infected individuals, whilst allowing differences within sub-groups to be explored.

EuroCoord is in a position to mobilise European HIV cohort research, bringing it within one truly Europe-wide network of cohort studies with a strong and increasing presence in the Central- and Eastern European region. The structure of this large, integrated network ensures that the most competitive science is performed whilst allowing expertise and resources to be pooled. This in turn allows new initiatives to be undertaken within an integrated collaborative structure.

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