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The Coordination, Rationalisation and Integration of Antimalarial Drug Discovery and Development Initiatives
Framework programme:
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EC contribution:
500,000 €
24 months
Funding scheme:
Coordination Action
Starting date:

Keywords: Malaria, drugs, public private partnerships, coordination


There are a number of European and international initiatives that are committed to antimalarial drug discovery and development, but they are fragmented and uncoordinated. This action will coordinate leading European malaria research initiatives in antimalarial drug discovery and development, integrate the European effort with international initiatives, engage industry and provide guidance on standardisation of core requirements of regulatory drug development. The goal is to contribute towards generating global priorities and prepare the European antimalarial research agenda for the next decade.

Globally, antimalarial drug discovery and development initiatives are fragmented and uncoordinated, with few links between programmes. There is an urgent need for coordination, rationalisation and integration among initiatives to ensure that research priorities are identified in a systematic and transparent way and that programmes conform to standardised and internationally acceptable methods without excessive duplication. Engagement with small and large industrial partners and endemic country scientists, all of whom could contribute significantly to these initiatives, is weak as are dissemination efforts.

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