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Plasmodium Vivax Infection in Pregnancy
Framework programme:
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2.900.000 €
48 months
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Collaborative Project, STREP
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Keywords: Plasmodium vivax, malaria, pregnancy, gestation


Malaria in pregnancy has been recently prioritised by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Approximately 25 million pregnant women exposed yearly to malaria live in areas where Plasmodium vivax is endemic. While the effects of falciparum malaria in pregnancy have been well characterised and are responsible for considerable maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, surprisingly little is known about the impact of P. vivax infection during gestation.

Recently, there have been reports from Latin America (3), Thailand (4) and India (5), suggesting that P. vivax infection may be associated with poor pregnancy outcomes, mainly maternal anaemia, low birth weight and miscarriage. These studies, mostly based on very small numbers, provide inconsistent information about P. vivax in pregnancy. Additionally, they provide only partial information on the epidemiological and clinical aspects of the infection in pregnancy.

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