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Coordination and Training Measures

Contact Point Network to Attract Young African Scientists to Participate in EU-Funded PRD Research Projects
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 1,084,100
36 Months
Starting date:
August 2006

Keywords: Contact Point Network, Regional Contact Points, Young African Scientists, Poverty-Related Diseases, research system, European research area, sub-Saharan African countries, Framework Programmes (FP7) and national and international institutions


The objective of the project is the implementation of a network of Regional and Local Contact Points (RCPs and LCPs) in sub-Saharan Africa; to ensure that young African scientists (YAS) are provided with the necessary information and are encouraged to participate in EU-funded research programmes on Poverty Related Diseases (PRD). Each RCP will be responsible for one region and will set up its activities with the mentoring assistance of its European counterpart.

The set up of the contact point network (CPN) will attract young African scientists to PRD research and consolidate the research system in sub-Saharan countries. Furthermore, it will support the preparation of activities related to future Framework Programmes (FP7) in the sub-Saharan African countries and strengthen the co-ordination and complementarities with activities carried out by other national and international institutions on PRD.


The field of PRD research has so far been dominated by Western or well established African scientists. The information on EU-funded projects in the field of PRD has not sufficiently reached the younger generation of African scientists.

A further aspect is the fact that HIV infection and AIDS, Malaria and TB account for over five million deaths, predominantly in the developing countries. This has a severe impact on the structure of society and social and economic development in the DCs. Therefore the research on PRD at a local level should be promoted and its sustainability secured.

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