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The European Malaria Vaccine Development Association
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 13,500,000
60 months
Starting date:
1 December 2006

Keywords: Malaria vaccine, a-sexual blood stage, Clinical development, clinical trials, EMVDA, EMVI, AMANET


The goal of this 5-year project is to systematically develop and test malaria vaccines by comparative and continuous evaluation of candidates. Exploiting the capabilities of 2 SMEs, 8 European malaria vaccine research centres, the European Malaria Vaccine Initiative (EMVI) and the African Malaria Network (AMANET), the best malaria vaccine candidates will be selected and developed further within a process that includes antigen validation as well as the creation of a vaccine development rationale and early proof-of-principle clinical trials.

The internal Training Programme, which will be integrated with that of the existing Framework Programme 6funded malaria-oriented Network of Excellence (BIOMALPAR), will promote interdisciplinary collaboration through a joint PhD programme. EMVDA's research capacity building efforts will be channelled through our African partners, AMANET, in particular to support their subgroup of an "Afro Immuno-Assay Network". With emphasis on 'downstream' vaccine development and clinical trials, a product development management structure is be set up that is responsible for the technical and regulatory management of the transition of candidate vaccines between the production groups and the clinical testing groups. Working closely with the African Immuno-assay Network, standard operating procedures governing all in vitro and in vivo immunoassays used by the consortium during vaccine development will be developed and distributed.

In summary, the EMVDA brings together Europe's leading malaria vaccine researchers and pan-Union initiatives in an unprecedented collaboration with vaccine SMEs to drive the production and clinical development of an effective vaccine to protect those vulnerable to this disease and thus aid human development.

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