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Coordination and Training Measures

Host Immune Activation Optimised Vaccinia Virus Vectors for Vaccine Development
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 1,000,000
24 Months
Starting date:
1st January 2007

Keywords: Vector vaccines, poxvirus, vaccinia virus, innate immunity, immune stimulation, and immune evasion


With this project, the highly attenuated modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) will serve as the basis to develop a new generation of potent viral vector vaccines with optimised host immune activating properties. Specifically, the projects focus will be to identify and/or inactivate MVA gene functions that have immune inhibitory potential (e.g. counteracting interferon, interleukin, CC chemokine functions) and potentiate vector vaccine performance by virion modification and host cytokine co-expression.

Hence, the use of the outstanding research expertise and the highly competitive bioengineering capabilities of the Network will be used to establish a unique technology platform for poxviral vector design in vaccine development.


Poxviruses engineered to express foreign genes are recognized as potent delivery systems for heterologous antigens. One of these vectors, the safetytested modified MVA, a product of European vaccine research, serves worldwide as the vaccinia virus strain of choice for clinical investigations in experimental vaccination against AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria or tumour diseases. Recent work performed by the partners in this network consortium significantly increased the knowledge base on versatile gene products exploited by poxviruses to regulate virus-host interactions and to counteract innate and adaptive host immune responses.

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