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Highly Innovative Strategies for Vaccination to Poverty Related Diseases
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 2,000,000
36 Months
Starting date:
January 2007

Keywords: Bacillus, bacterial spores, spore vaccines, heat-stable vaccines, 2ndgeneration vaccines, mucosal vaccines, oral vaccines, edible vaccines, malaria, tuberculosis, nanobiotechnology, S-layers, M. bovis, M. tuberculosis


The INNOVAC project comprises seven partners, three of whom are SMEs. The consortium will develop three platform technologies that will be used for novel and highly innovative methods for vaccination against two of the most important poverty-related diseases, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. An important aspect to this proposal is inclusion of a vaccine-producing SME, Vabiotech, from a developing country. The three R&D platforms are:

  1. Bacterial spores. Robust and heat-stable bioparticles with proven efficacy as mucosal vaccines
  2. Intracellular & Invasive bacteria including E. coli strains and Mycobacterium bovis (rBCG)
  3. S-layer protein conjugates and S-layer protein coated liposomes.

INNOVAC will focus on discovery activities including proof-of-principle studies to show Ag expression, testing of vaccines in vitro as well as challenge experiments in vivo. The project will test and evaluate highly innovative strategies for vaccination using recombinant systems, some in their infancy and others at a more advanced stage of development. This project will include construction of vaccine vehicles, their evaluation in animal models, challenge experiments and finally safety tests where appropriate in order to take potential vaccines to the stage of clinical evaluation. Inclusion of a partner SME from a developing country will enable technology transfer to that partner as well as resources to the six European partners.

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