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Teach CD4


International CD4 T-Lymphocyte Training Programme for the Support of HIV Clinical Trials Networks
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 426 449
24 months
Starting date:
September 2006

Keywords: CD4; flow cytometry; training; external quality assurance; HIV; T lymphocytes


The object of the project is to expand the current European EQA system for lymphocyte subset analysis that was developed within the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) project (QLRI-CT-2000-00436). This will also be underpinned by the project providing global training support of the flow cytometric enumeration of CD4+T lymphocytes, essential in the international efforts of monitoring generic anti-retroviral HIV therapy and vaccine trials. Two major international conferences are also planned that will serve to disseminate the project outcomes and help assist in establishing the EQA programme and training network globally.


It is acknowledged that the HIV/AIDS epidemic poses a serious threat to global health. HIV disease kills over 1 million people a year, mainly in countries with limited resources. Furthermore, it is a prime aim of the European Community Development Policy to ‘foster sustainable development and eradicate poverty’ in these countries with the aim of integrating them into the world economy. However, a communicable disease such as HIV/AIDS limits this development and thereby restricts global economy integration. The provision of affordable health care for resource-poor countries is now of prime importance if these diseases are to be controlled and eradicated. More importantly, the provision of anti-retroviral therapy or vaccines via clinical networks requires the appropriate laboratory support. The success of the previous FP5 project has placed this team into a global leading position that will facilitate the development of self sustenance. This will, in turn, help support essential drug policies, and enable a rapid and efficient transfer of technical resources from Europe to developing nations.

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