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Development of a Dendritic Cell-targeted Vaccine against AIDS
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 3 400 000
48 months
Starting date:
1st January 2006

Keywords: HIV; AIDS; vaccine; dendritic cells; macaques; SIV


With support from two successive EU-sponsored consortia, within the Fifth Framework Programme, an in vivo targeting approach has been developed for dendritic cells (DC), which is applicable to protein vaccines, DNA vaccines and viral vector vaccines. Given the urgent need for an HIV vaccine, the potential of this innovative vaccine approach will be evaluated as quickly as possible. Therefore, the aims of the current application of the consortium are to determine the efficacy of dendritic cell-targeted protein-, DNA-, and viral vector vaccines in animal models of HIV/AIDS, and to understand the requirements for and mechanisms of protection.


Safe, effective and affordable vaccines are needed that elicit the broadest and most robust immune responses against HIV. With the work of this project, these important questions of vaccine research will be addressed. It is planned to use an innovative vaccine developed by the consortium in the macaque model for AIDS. Critical to the success of this innovative vaccine should be its capacity to enhance uptake and presentation of antigens by dendritic cells, which will be analysed by proof of concept studies by the consortium. The project’s strategy to enhance antigen uptake and presentation by DCs can be applied to protein vaccines, peptide vaccines, DNA vaccines and viral vector vaccines, thus providing a broad vaccination platform.

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