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TB-VAC: An Integrated Project for New Vaccines against Tuberculosis
Framework programme:
Project number:
EC contribution:
€ 17 000 000
60 months
Starting date:
1 January 2004

Keywords: Tuberculosis; integrated project; developing countries; vaccine development; phase I clinical trials; correlates of protection vaccine discovery; dormancy; immune markers; antigens; live vaccines; sub-unit vaccines; prime boost strategies


Tuberculosis (TB) remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, accounting for more than 2 million human lives every year. The overall goal of the TB-VAC is to establish a joint academic-industrial consortium capable of taking tuberculosis vaccine candidates from the laboratory bench to phase I clinical trials.


TB is a leading infectious killer of adults in the world, causing about 2 million deaths a year, about 98% in developing countries. In these countries, the HIV pandemic has a strong impact on TB, resulting in an additional 1 million deaths per year. However, with the rise in drug-resistant strains of the disease, TB could once again become a major threat to Europe. Prevention through vaccination could be the most effective intervention but, as yet, no vaccine effective against TB in the adult population is available.

In recent years, several promising new vaccine strategies have been developed, particularly in the context of the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) project TB Vaccine Cluster. The Sixth Framework programme (FP6) TB-VAC project, with a budget of € 16.8 million, aims to integrate the European efforts towards the development of novel tuberculosis vaccine candidates and forward these vaccines to small scale, phase I human clinical trials in Europe and Africa. Under the coordination of Animal Sciences Group in Lelystad, The Netherlands, the project joins 31 leading European institutions from nine European and two African countries, including two major vaccine producers.

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