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Challenges for the future: research on HIV/Aids Malaria and Tuberculosis

International Conference on Poverty-Related Diseases, Brussels, Belgium, 13-14 November 2008.

The European Commission (DG Research) organized an International Conference on Poverty-Related Diseases (PRDs) in Brussels on 13 and 14 November 2008. The aim of the Conference was to increase the impact of EU-funded research on controlling PRDs. Leading scientists, research managers, decision-makers, funding agencies and representatives of relevant international NGOs attended, with significant participation from disease-endemic countries.

Aims of the conference

The goals of the Conference were to:

  • regain political momentum for continuing and intensifying research addressing the “big three” global killer diseases;
  • set the scene by reporting on research efforts supported by the EC since 2002, when HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB first became a separate research focus under the EU's 6th Framework Programme;
  • gather input from relevant stakeholders (scientists from Europe and disease-endemic countries, industries, global partners, etc.) in order to set research priorities on PRDs for the remainder of the 7th Framework Programme.

More information on this conference on the conference website:

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