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HIV/AIDS research under FP7

Research on HIV/AIDS is a top priority for the European Commission. The constant commitment of the Commission in this field has allowed us to finance the best European researchers in this field, in order to better develop new preventive and treatment tools. Projects financed under the last Framework programmes are progressing through the development of new vaccines, microbicides, drugs and therapeutic options. In addition, to better organise EU research in this field, we have created two big networks of excellence, one for HIV prevention, and the other one for HIV treatment, with the participation of most of the top European HIV researchers and clinicians. Moreover, in order to allow further development of successful products, we have created the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP), to finance capacity building and clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa.

Under FP7 the Commission will continue the efforts started in previous years in HIV research. New discovery projects willbe funded on HIV drugs, vaccine and microbicides, without forgetting the further development of successful ones into clinical trials. New treatment options will also be an important focus of research, as HIV/AIDS drug resistance. Under FP7, for the first time the Commission will invest in health systems research. Continuing with the efforts initiated in FP6 to better structure European research on HIV/AIDS, an ERANET will be created to coordinate the HIV research activities of European governments and funding agencies.