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Projects FP7

Research projects under NID cover diseases from protozoan , bacterial and helminth infections. The focus is on neglected infectious diseases with a major impact on human health, and with clearly defined unmet medical needs. This is done by supporting multiple projects with focus on translational research. The preferred instruments are large- ( 6-12 mill) and medium-scale ( 3-6 mill) collaborative projects by multi-disciplinary consortia with sufficient critical mass to deliver high-impact results. Various aspects of the diseases are addressed, including drug and vaccine development, diagnostics, immunology of co-infections, and epidemiology. The following table summarises the projects that receive EC funding in the thematic area of Neglected Infectious Diseases.

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NID Projects in FP7

Confronting neglected protozoan diseases: understanding the challenges, developing the

Project Acronym EC Contribution Coordinator
BuruliVac 4,599,983 Bernhard Fleischer
Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, Germany
CHAGASEPINET 2,876,507 Michael A. Miles
LSHTM, London, UK
E PIAF 5,000,000 David W Taylor
Centre for Infectious Diseases, University of Edinburgh, Sumerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1QH, UK
GAMEXP 2,689,160 Helge B. Bode
Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany
IDEA 10,300,000 Dr. Giuseppe Pantaleo
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Division of Immunology and Allergy, BH10-513, CHUV, CH - 1011 Lausanne
KALADRUG-R 3,000,000 Jean-Claude Dujardin
ITM-A, Antwerpen, Belgium
LEISHDNAVAX 2,989,200 Simon L. Croft
LSHTM, London, UK
LEISHDRUG 2,852,233 Gerald Spaeth
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
NANOTRYP 2,866,324 Stefan Magez
VUB, Brussels, Belgium
NIDIAG 5,000,000 Marleen Boelaert
Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerpen, Belgium
RAPSODI 2,737,149 Grard M. Papierok
Virbac SA, Carros, France
SEtTReND 3,300,000 Raymond J. Pierce
Inserm U547 Institut Pasteur de Lille, 1 rue du Professeur A. Calmette, Lille, France
STOPENTERICS 11,460,630 Philippe J. Sansonetti
Institut Pasteur, 28 Rue du Docteur Roux, 75724 Paris cedex 15, France
TheSchistoVac 3,800,000 Maria Yazdanbakhsh & Cornelis H. Hokke
Dept of Parasitology, Center of Infectious Diseases, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
TRYPOBASE 2,557,188 Dolores G. Pacanowska
CSIC, Granada, Spain

* Maximum requested EC contribution that will be considered, pending formal approval