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Protozoan diseases Projects

Tsetse flies and the control of African sleeping sickness

Project Number
: 031849
: 48 months
EC contribution
: € 2,500,000
: Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREPs) and Coordination Actions (CAs) for Developing countries (DEV)
: Protozoan diseses
Starting date
: 01/10/2006


African sleeping sickness is endemic in 37 sub-Saharan African countries covering 9M km2 with 60 million of the 400 million inhabitants at risk of the disease. Africa is in the middle of a HAT epidemic and WHO estimate that in 2004 there were 500,000 cases with 48,000 deaths and an impact of 1.53M DALYs (disability adjusted life years).

In 2000 the African Union recognised trypanosomiasis as one of Africas greatest constraints to socio-economic development. The trypanosomes causing the disease are transmitted by tsetse flies and currently the best means of area wide control of the disease is through vector control. To improve our current capacity to control African trypanosomiasis the African Union has established PATTEC. The African Union-PATTEC plan is to disrupt trypanosomiasis transmission through staged eradication of isolated populations of tsetse fly vectors on an area wide basis and by targeting isolated fly populations ensuring that fly eradication in an area is self-sustaining once achieved.
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