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Viral diseases

Identifying ecological and epidemiological key factors for rabies dynamics and control in North Africa and implications for rabies status in South West Europe.

Project Number
: 517727
: 42 months
EC contribution
: € 1,100,000
: Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP) and Coordination Actions (CA) for Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC)
: Viral diseases
Starting date
: 01/07/2006


Rabies is a serious public health concern in N.Afr. and its rintroduction to Western European countries presently free of rabies in non-flying animals represents a serious threat.
This project will address a global multidisciplinary approach to draw a pre cise picture of the rabies epidemiology in N.Afr. by identifying and quantifying epidemiological, ecological, sociological and vaccinological key factors for rabies dynamics.
Furthermore and despite that the Western European countries have almost completel y eliminated canine and vulpine rabies, they continue to declare some human and animal cases mostly imported from North Africa in addition to the presence of the disease in bats with some spillover to humans. Therefore the study of rabies in N.Afr. and West Europe will determine the possible overlapping of rabies epidemiological cycles between the Western European and North African shores.
Therefore baseline epidemiological data on human and animal rabies will be collected and analyzed by GIS in 4 N.African countries for the identification of rabies hyperactive areas.
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