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Protozoan diseases Projects

New tools for monitoring drug resistance and treatment response in Visceral Leishmaniasis in the Indian subcontinent

: Kaladrug-R
EC contribution
: € 3.000.000
: 48 months
Starting date
: targeted, second semester 2008
Funding scheme
: Medium-scale focused research project
Contract/Grant agreement number
: 222895
Project web-site:

Keywords: visceral leishmaniasis, Indian sub-continent, treatment effectiveness, drug resistance, miltefosine, antimonials, paromomycine, comparative genomics


This project concerns the effective control of a most neglected parasitic disease, Kala-Azar. By providing knowledge and tools relevant for monitoring the effectiveness of the existing few drugs, we will contribute to safeguard them and establish the bases for their longer-term and more rational use. We will use an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to develop new tools for monitoring response to treatment and drug resistance. Our clinical and epidemiological work should contribute to an early identification of the persons at higher risk of treatment failure and a more rational therapeutic attitude. Molecular mechanisms leading to drug resistance will be deciphered by an approach gathering cell and molecular biology (including genomics) together with biochemistry. Tools for the detection of drug resistance will be developed and they will be simplified as much as possible to be applicable and affordable in the endemic countries. The epidemiological dynamics of drug resistance will be modelled and strategies for maximizing intervention success will be recommended. Last but not least, a particular attention will be paid to technology transfer and training activities.
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