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Confronting EC Colloquium on Neglected Protozoan Diseases EC Conference on neglected protozoan diseases

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Friday, 24 September 2010, Institute Pasteur, Paris, FRANCE

09.00 - Registration and Poster Set-up / Welcome

09.30 - Prof. Anthony Pugsley(109kb), Scientific Director of the Institute Pasteur

09.45 - Anna Lnnroth(223kb), Health Research, DG RTD, European Commission

Session 1: New tools for controlling Protozoan Diseases

Chair : Gerald Spth

10.00 - Solomon Nwaka(4.7MB), TDR, Geneva - Fighting Protozoan Diseases: global perspectives and new initiatives

10.20 - Jean-Claude Dujardin(1.1MB), ITM, Antwerpen, Belgium - New tools for monitoring drug resistance and treatment response in visceral leishmaniasis (Kaladrug-R)

10.40 - Michael Miles(3.2MB), LSHTM, London, UK - Comparative epidemiology of genetic lineages of Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas EpiNet)

11.00 - Coffee Break and poster session

Session 2: Vaccines for Leishmaniasis

Chair : Anna Lnnroth

11.30 - Steve Reed(1.2MB), IDRI, Seattle, USA - Development of Next Generation Vaccines for Leishmaniasis

11.50 - Paul Kaye, Univ York, UK - Developing vaccines for visceral leishmaniasis : "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd"

12.10 - Grard Marie Papierok(740kb), Virbac SA, La Seyne sur mer, France - PSA-based human vaccine candidate targeting visceral, cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis (Rapsodi)

12.30 - Farrokh Modabber(2.2MB), DNDi, Geneva and LSHTM, London, UK - Development of a DNA vaccine for visceral leishmaniasis (LeishDNAvax)

12.50 - Lunch buffet and poster session

Session 3: Innovative Drug Discovery for Neglected Infectious Diseases

Chair : Jean-Claude Dujardin

14.30 - Manica Balasegaram(782kb), DNDi, Geneva, Switzerland - New developments for neglected diseases: an update of DNDi activities

14.50 - Michael Barrett(3.6MB), Univ of Glasgow, UK - Innovative drug discovery for human African trypanosomiasis

15.10 - Gerald Spth(2.8MB), Institute Pasteur, Paris, France - Targeting the Leishmania kinome for the development of novel anti-parasitic strategies (LeishDrug)

15.30 - Helge B. Bode(6.2MB), Frankfurt University, Frankfurt, Germany - Genomic approaches to metabolite exploitation from Xenorhabdus/Photorhabdus (GAMEXP)

15.50 - Dolores Gonzlez Pacanowska(528kb), Granada, Spain - Nucleobase derivatives as drugs against trypanosomal diseases (Trypobase)

16.10 - Coffee Break and poster session

Session 4: Diagnostics and Biomarkers for Neglected Protozoan Diseases

Chair : Stefan Magez

16.30 - Joseph Ndung'u(1.3MB), FIND, Geneva, Switzerland - New diagnostics for neglected protozoan diseases

16.50 - Krister Kristensson(5.5MB), Karolinska Institut, Stockholm, Sweden - African trypanosomes: how do they enter the brain and cause sleeping sickness

17.10 - Christine Clayton(527kb), ZMBH, Heidelberg, Germany - Transcriptomic approaches to understanding trypanosomes in culture and in the host

17.30 - Stefan Magez(4.4MB), Flanders Inst. Biotechnology, Gent, Belgium - Development of new tools to control infections due to parasites of the Trypanosomatidae family (Nanotryp)

17.50 - Closure followed by poster session and dinner buffet (ends at 22.00)

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