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Projets du 7e PC

AsiaFluCap Heath system analysis to support capacity development to respond to pandemic influenza in Asia.
CATAFLU.OR Organocatalytic approaches towards easy synthesized, economical and high yielding Tamiflu derivatives
EMPERIE European Management Platform for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease Entities
Fluarray Development and validation of a microarray based automated diagnostic system for the detection of influenza virus types and subtypes at point-of-care
FluDrugStrategy Combating Influenza Using a Novel Drug Strategy
FLUINHIBIT Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Trimeric Influenza Virus Polymerase
FLUMODCONT Modelling the spread of pandemic influenza and strategies for its containment and mitigation
IDAMS International Research Consortium on Dengue Risk Assessment, Management and Surveillance
IMECS Identification of Mechanisms Correlating with Susceptibility for Avian Influenza
NASPANVAC Intranasal Pandemic Influenza Vaccine
PORTFASTFLU Portable automated test for fast detection and surveillance of influenza
RANGER Rapid, robust & scalable platform technology for fully automated reference laboratory grade Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based diagnostics regardless of global setting.
RNAFLU Effect of Natural Viral RNA Sequence Variation on Influenza Virus RNA Function
SILVER Small-molecule Inhibitor Leads Versus Emerging and neglected RNA viruses