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Small-molecule Inhibitor Leads Versus Emerging and neglected RNA viruses

EC contribution
: € 12.000.000
: 48 months
Starting date
: 01/10/2010
Funding scheme
: Collaborative project - Large scale
: RNA viruses, replicative enzymes, viral inhibitors, antiviral therapy, viral therapeutics, emerging viruses, neglected viruses, structure-based drug design
Contract/Grant agreement number
: 260644
Project web-site
: In preparation


The project will focus its activities on selected medically important RNA viruses for which the development of drugs is considered essential ("Group A: priority viruses"); other relatively neglected and/or emerging RNA viruses will be explored through careful selection of the most promising targets and antiviral compounds. New antiviral hit compounds will be discovered by state-of-the-art cell culture-based screening, by screening in enzymatic assays for specific viral proteins, and by structure-based drug discovery. The hits identified by these methods will be optimized by medicinal chemistry, guided by the structure of the viral target where available. For the most promising antiviral lead compounds, proof-of-concept will be sought in small animal studies. A pipeline strategy will be employed to progress this work plan, as illustrated in Fig. I

The SILVER Drug Development Pipeline

Fig 1: The SILVER Drug Development Pipeline, with colour codes referring to the tasks of Work Packages 1-4 (WP1, blue; WP2, red, WP3, green; WP4, yellow).

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