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Public Health Aspects, Networking and Training

AsiaFluCap - Heath system analysis to support capacity development to respond to pandemic influenza in Asia.

EC contribution: € 2,599,997
Duration: 46 months
Starting date: 01/05/2008
Funding scheme: Collaborative Project - Small- or medium-scale focused research project
Funding scheme: Specific International Cooperation (SICA)
Keywords: Gram-negative, pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, gene knock out, virtual screening, high-throughput screening, fragment screening, structural proteomics, ligand binding
Contract/Grant agreement number: HEALTH-F3-2008-201823
Project web-site:


Influenza subtype H5N1 is endemic in poultry in SE Asia, and more than 200 human cases have occurred, more than half in SE Asia, of which a substantial proportion have died. The spread of H5N1 in the region has resulted in considerable public health and political concern. In part this stems from recognition that, should H5N1 undergo re-assortment or mutation, a human pandemic is likely and this is bound to have very substantial global economic and public health consequences. Many experts anticipate that SE Asia is likely to be the epicentre of the next pandemic of influenza. Many countries have made considerable progress in the past two years in strategic planning. Substantial resources have been committed to the development and/or further strengthening of animal and human disease surveillance and response systems for early detection and prompt containment of avian influenza and other emerging zoonotic diseases. However, in SE Asia whilst considerable progress has been made and substantial domestic and international efforts are being focused, public health system capacity to respond to pandemic influenza remains a profound challenge.

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