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Zoonoses, food- and waterborne emerging epidemics

Network for the prevention and control of zonoses

EC contribution
: € 14 400 000
: 60 months
Starting date
: September 1, 2004
: IP
: zoonoses, food borne pathogens, prevention, control, network communication
Project Number
: FOOD-CT-2004-506122


Med-Vet-Net (MVN) is a five-year EUfunded project (2004-2009) targeted at the development of a Network of Excellence (NoE) for the integration of veterinary, medical and food sciences, in the field of food safety, at European level. It is based on a 'virtual institute' structure comprising 15 public health and veterinary institutes in 10 countries plus a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) to disseminate knowledge, and encompasses the activities of over 300 scientists.

The activities of MVN have been implemented within a series of Work Packages (WPs) with three overarching WPs and a range of scientific activities falling within four key thematic areas: epidemiology; detection and control; host-microbe interactions; and risk research. Within these thematic areas there are a number of scientific WPs encompassing a wide range of scientific topics and organisms of major medical and veterinary importance. High priority is afforded to training and there is a well-attended annual three-day scientific conference, with both invited speakers and speakers from within the network.

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