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Preparedness and capacity building for emerging epidemics

Response to Emerging infectious disease: Assessment and Development of core capacities and tools

EC contribution
: € 800 000
: 30 months
Starting date
: 01/04/2008
Project type
: Public Health Programme
: surveillance, preparedness, mass gathering, infectious diseases, healthcare workers, international health regulations, contact tracing
Project Number
: 2007211


The EU coordinated response to communicable diseases has experienced major challenges in the past. Differences in public health preparedness and response, which have repeatedly been seen within the EU, are difficult to explain to EU citizens and result in delayed public health interventions. The project focuses on areas of generic response which are crucial for international cooperation for the prevention of international spread of infectious diseases, and where the necessities of a European effort to develop a common basis for action have been identified.

REACT will assess existing and generate new evidence. In the framework of the project, the partners will establish tools and best practices, and will in part define core capacities for four specified areas that are likely to be applicable and acceptable throughout the EU: (1) enhanced surveillance during international mass gathering events; (2) surveillance of infectious diseases in healthcare workers; (3) implementation of International Health Regulations (IHR): Reporting from local to intermediate/national level; and (4) international contact tracing after exposure to infectious disease.

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