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Preparedness and capacity building for emerging epidemics

European Management Platform for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease Entities

EC contribution
: € 11 909 560
: 60 months
Starting date
: To be determined
Funding scheme
: Collaborative Project - Large-scale integrating project
:emerging infectious diseases, virus, zoonoses, outbreak, pathogen, containment
Project Number
: 223 498


The EMPERIE project will establish a network of centres of excellence combining the expertise, techniques and resources necessary for effectively countering (re)- emerging infectious diseases. The consortium will establish common processes, procedures and communication channels in the network linked to relevant stakeholder organisations, notably the World Health Organization (WHO), and local 'grassroots' sites to contribute to a structural and systematic prediction, identification, modelling and surveillance of (re)-emerging infectious disease health threats and pathogens.


The expertise and resources necessary for adequate prediction, modelling and surveillance of infectious pathogens today are scattered. In the current situation, when a group of patients presents with a particular disease, and some infectious agent is thought to be the cause, scientists lack a functioning networked infrastructure to respond in a quick and powerful manner. This is the root problem this large-scale Collaborative Project aims to tackle.

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