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Vaccines and Correlates of Protection

Novel Vaccination Strategies and Vaccine Formulations for Epidemic and Pandemic Influenza Control

EC contribution
: € 1 679 211
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/10/2002
: Shared Cost Action
: Influenza, vaccine, strain selection, computer modelling, cell culture, MVA, ISCOM, defective viruses, CTL, animal model
Project Number
: QLK2-CT-2002-01034


Annual influenza epidemics and pandemics cause a significant disease burden and death rates in human beings, and have a high economical impact on the EU. The major drawbacks of influenza vaccines are their limited efficacy and production methods that are hard to adapt to requirements of continuously changing influenza viruses. We aim to improve the efficacy and production methods of epidemic and pandemic influenza vaccines through:

  1. Improving epidemic vaccine strain selection based on retrospective and prospective analyses.
  2. Improving vaccine strain selection and reference reagents for pandemic influenza.
  3. Implementation of reverse genetics technologies to increase flexibility and yield of influenza vaccines.
  4. Use of cell substrate for vaccine production.
  5. Use of novel antigen delivery systems.
  6. Detailed examination of correlates of protection. Promising strategies were tested in appropriate animal models.
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