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Vaccines and Correlates of Protection

Novel AI Diva Recombinant Vaccines for Duck

EC contribution
: € 1 416 380
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2007
: Avian influenza, recombinant vaccines, vectored vaccines, ducks, DIVA, immune response
Project Number
: SSPE-CT-2006-044217


The NOVADUCK project brings together both private (two companies and one SME) and public sector stakeholders (European reference laboratories and agencies on avian influenza) from four European countries with the aim of developing and evaluating new highly protective and cost-effective avian influenza live vaccines for ducks, based on live viral vectors and in line with the DIVA strategy (Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animals).

Viral vectors will be engineered to optimise both their immunogenicity and protective capacities. Vaccine candidates will be pre-screened for safety and immunogenicity using newly developed duck-specific immunological tools. The best vaccine candidates will be evaluated for efficacy in an HPAI H5N1 challenge-model in ducks. A serological DIVA test, able to detect infection in vaccinated duck flocks, will be generated, and the effect of vaccination on genetic and antigenic drift of H5N1 will be assessed.

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