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Diagnostics and Surveillance

Network for Early Warning of Influenza Viruses in Migratory Birds in Europe

EC contribution
: € 1 855 350
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/02/2007
: Influenza, pandemics, vaccines
Project Number
: SSPE-CT-2007-44490


NEW-FLUBIRD will establish a European network of virologists and ornithologists, data managers, epidemiologists and modellers, in order to provide 'early warning and risk assessment systems' in real time for the threat posed to animal and human health by avian influenza (AI) viruses from migratory birds. The network will largely build on and extend existing collaborations between AI virologists in Europe and international ornithological organisations active within and outside Europe including Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Epidemiological assessments will thus cover the major flyways of migratory birds over Europe and the areas from which birds in Europe migrate. Furthermore, it will focus on experimental infection of selected migratory bird species with HPAI virus H5N1 and possibly other relevant HPAI viruses, to determine pathogenesis and excretion profiles. In turn, the ornithological studies will construct migratory route maps and set up systematic sampling from healthy wild migratory birds thus providing insight in volume and timing of migration as well as key sites of those migratory bird species that pose the highest risk of transmitting HPAI viruses to poultry in Europe. Finally, NEW-FLUBIRD will seek integration with global early warning systems developments like GLEWS of FAO and WHO (Global Early Warning System) and GNAIS of WCS (Global 3 Network for Avian Influenza Surveillance).

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