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Diagnostics and Surveillance

New and Emerging Technologies: Improved Laboratory and on-site Detection of OIE List a Viruses in Animals and Animal Products

EC contribution
: € 1 500 000
: 39 months
Starting date
: 01/11/2004
: Diseases notifiable to OIE, transboundary animal diseases, viruses, diagnosis, diagnostic tests, dipstick, emerging technologies
Project Number
: SSPE-CT-2004-513645


This project is improving the diagnosis of nine major transboundary animal diseases (TADs) - foot-and-mouth disease, swine vesicular disease, vesicular stomatitis, classical swine fever, African swine fever, bluetongue, African horse sickness, Newcastle disease and highly pathogenic avian influenza - by addressing the recommendations of the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare (SCAHAW). Regarding its epidemiological importance, swine influenza is also included in the project. The programme is focusing on new and emerging technologies, specifically the development, validation and dissemination of robust, specific and sensitive diagnostic tests.

The project is combining the development of improved 'front line' diagnostics, such as dipstick tests that can be used by veterinarians in the field with development of robust and simple nucleic acid and antigen-antibody detection methodologies to be applied in local laboratories and in abattoirs. In addition, the most recent approaches in real-time PCR and in microarray technologies are applied for the improved diagnosis of the nine TADs, notifiable to OIE.

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