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Vaccines and Correlates of Protection

Combating flu in a Combined Action Between Industry and the Public Sector in Order to Secure Adequate and Fast Intervention in Europe

EC contribution
: € 3 749 685
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/02/2006
: Public Health Programme
: Pandemic influenza, public-private partnership, cross protection, reassortants, adjuvants, vaccine efficacy, clinical network
Project Number
: 2005207


New or deliberately released viruses are a continuing serious health threat for which no effective countermeasures are available. The main problem is that no vaccine can be produced in advance as the exact nature of the virus is not known until the outbreak starts. Pandemic influenza is now felt to be the major health threat, especially with respect to the difficulties in effective preparedness planning. As pandemic influenza is a cross-border problem, it needs a cross-border solution. This requires that European industry and public health authorities collaborate to gain control over it. As an overall objective this project aims to 'enable the manufacture of the most effective pandemic vaccine in the shortest possible time in sufficient quantity for the EU population, by setting up a European network of public health institutes as the public sector input for a public-private partnership'.


Pandemic influenza currently is the greatest infectious diseases threat to public health. The establishment of a public consortium is essential for assisting manufacturers in the timely production and testing of influenza vaccines for the European population.

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