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Projects FP7

AEROPATH Identification, characterisation and exploitation of novel Gram-negative drug targets
AntiPathoGN Identification and validation of novel drug targets in Gram-negative bacteria by global search: a trans-system approach
ANTIRESDEV The effects of antibiotic administration on the emergence and persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans and on the composition of the indigenous microbiotas at various body sites
BacAttack A stealth attack tool for preventing clinical drug resistance through a unique self-regenerating surface
BALI Biofilm Alliance
C4L Chips for Life
CAREPNEUMO Combating Antibiotics Resistant Pneumococci by Novel Strategies Based on in vivo and in vitro Host-Pathogen Interactions
COATIM Development of antibiofilm coatings for implants
CONCORD CONtrol of COmmunity-acquired MRSA: Rationale and Development of counteractions
DIVINOCELL Exploiting Gram-negative cell division targets in the test tube to obtain antimicrobial compounds
EvoTAR Evolution and Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance
HYPERDIFF The Physiological Basis of Hypervirulence in Clostridium difficile: a Prerequisite for Effective Infection Control
I.D.A.C. Implant Disposable Antibacterial Coating (I.D.A.C.): a Novel Approach to Implant-Related Infections in Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery
NABATIVI Novel Approaches to Bacterial Target Identification, Validation and Inhibition
NOVO Novel approaches for prevention of biofilms formed on medical indwelling devices, e.g. catheters
PAR Predicting antibiotic resistance
PARCIVAL Partner Network for a Clinically Validated Multi-Analyte Lab-on-a-Chip Platform
PILGRIM Preventing community and nosocomial spread and Infection with MRSA ST 398 - instruments for accelerated control and integrated risk management of antimicrobial resistance
PNEUMOPATH A comprehensive dissection of pneumococcal-host interactions
R-GNOSIS Resistance in Gram-negative organisms: Studying intervention strategies
SATURN Impact of Specific Antibiotic Therapies on the prevalence of hUman host ResistaNt bacteria
SYBARIS Finding biomarkers of anti-microbial drug resistance via a systems biology analysis of fungal pathogen interactions with the human immune system
TEMPOtest An Integrated Tool-Kit for the Clinical Evaluation of Microbial Detection and Antibiotic Susceptibility Point-of-Care Testing Technologies
TROCAR Translation Research On Combating Antimicrobial Resistance