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Partner Network for a Clinically Validated Multi-Analyte Lab-on-a-Chip Platform
EC contribution
: € 2.973.550
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2012
Funding scheme
: Fully integrated diagnostics, respiratory pathogens, resistance / susceptibility patterns, air sampling, microfluidics.
Contract/Grant agreement number
: 278090
Project web-site
: Under construction.


Parcival will develop a multi-analyte lab-on-a-chip platform for simultaneous detection of resistance patterns, biomarkers for severity of infection, and infectious pathogens from patients and air samples. It will enable point-of-care testing for immediate evidence-based therapy thereby reducing unspecific use of antibiotics.


Currently, most diagnostic tests are performed in large central laboratories. Samples are usually sent from small clinical institutes and doctor’s offices, processed at the central laboratory, and the results are then transmitted back. For many situations, this can render the diagnosis entirely impractical (emergency situations like acute, life-threatening infections or determining the virus load in transplanted organs) or generate a significant barrier due to long patient waiting times, which sometimes leads to omitting a detailed diagnosis overall for non-critical cases, such as mild cases of respiratory diseases. Examples of automated platforms for integrated nucleic acid diagnostics with the potential for point-of-care diagnostics are still rare.

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