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Targeting replication and integration of HIV
EC contribution
: € 11.610.500
: 36 months + 6 months extension
Starting date
: 01/01/2004
Funding scheme
: xxxxxx
: HIV, AIDS, drugs, antivirals, resistance, co-factors
Contract/Grant agreement number
: LSHB-CT-2003-503480
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TRIoH developed several novel compounds targeting HIV entry, nucleocapsid, RT or integrase. The discovery of LEDGF/p75 as a major novel target for HIV drug discovery is one of the most exciting new directions in HIV molecular virology originating from TRIoH in recent years. This work has received international appraisal and offers excellent options for economic valorisation in the near future.


The general objective was to integrate the various research efforts from different European partners on novel anti-HIV molecules targeting viral replication and integration.

Obtained results:

The results obtained by TRIoH include the following.

  • Optimisation and use of a multi-parametric assay for entry/fusion was successful to identify new compounds against virus attachment, interaction with CD4, HIV co-receptors, gp41-dependent fusion and HIV-envelope-induced cell-death.
  • Optimisation and use of new NC assays have been successful in identifying compounds with anti-NC activity in vitro. Some hits show anti-HIV activity in a multiple round replication assay.
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