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Biosensors in molecular diagnostics nanotechnology for the analysis of species-specific microbial transcripts
EC contribution
: € 1.999.980
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2005
Funding scheme
: Specific Targeted Research Project
: clinical diagnostic, bacterial species, tmRNA
Contract/Grant agreement number
: 513771
Project web-site
: -


Molecular diagnostics of microbial pathogens is an integral part of modern medicine. The growing need for direct genotyping and/or the screening of the transcriptome calls for the development of alternative technologies. The SLIC consortium planned to develop a cost-effective platform for the identification bacterial species based on the SLIC-Nanobiosystem.

Using tmRNA transcripts of the bacterial ssrA gene, the project partners were able to detect, quantify and identify bacterial species in a single homogenous assay format. The SLIC-Nanobiosystem consists of a self-assembled lipid bilayer membrane that integrates a synthetic ligand-gated ion channel (SLIC). The SLIC comprises a capture molecule that can specifically bind a given analyte, a process that is monitored via electrical impedance spectroscopy. With this system, the effect from even a few channels can be resolved, thus providing an ultra-sensitive, highly stable and versatile biosensor platform.

The consortium planned to employ transcripts (tmRNA) of the ssrA gene to identify bacterial species present in clinical samples. These transcripts occur in high abundance and contain a core sequence that is species specific, a feature that was used to identify infectious disease pathogens.

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