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micro-MATRIX: Workshop on strategies to address antimicrobial resistance through the exploitation of microbial genomics
EC contribution
: € 34.002
: 09 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2004
Funding scheme
: Specific Support Action
: bacteria, essential functions, regulation, gene expression, stress response, pathogenesis, genome, interactome, resistome
Contract/Grant agreement number
: LSSM-CT-2003-502801
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Recent genomic technologies allow the study of global physiological processes in microbes. Their application to the study of pathogens allows to search for new medicines to combat infection and to better avoid the emergence of resistance against them. It will also help to anticipate therapies for new emerging diseases and to devise treatments to help individual patients to overcome each infection. Predictive Microbiology, based on genomic analysis, may also be used to anticipate the presence of unexpected potential pathogens. Both industrial and sustained public sector efforts are needed to fully develop the promising potential of this research frontier of the microbial world.


The ability to effectively treat microbial infections will reduce morbidity, and have a positive impact on health management policies. The discovery of new antibacterial agents against resistant micro-organisms is an urgent and vital need. The social costs incurred by the incidence of infectious diseases in the population at large, and in particular the elderly and the productive age sectors, are enormous. Hospitalisation costs per patient run above about 500 per day. Curbing the spread of resistant pathogens will result in the attainment of high standards in human health care, it will reduce social and public healthcare costs and will therefore have a beneficial impact on the citizens.

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