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Health alliance for prudent prescribing, yield and use of antimicrobial drugs in the treatment of respiratory tract infections
EC contribution
: € 1.492.300
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/04/2007
Funding scheme
: Specific Targeted Research Project
: antibiotics, GP, killer bacteria, primary health care, APO, audit cylcle
Contract/Grant agreement number
: SP5A-CT-2007-44154
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The HAPPY AUDIT project aims to strengthen the surveillance of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in primary healthcare in Europe through the development of intervention programmes targeting general practitioners (GPs), parents of young children and healthy adults.The team will study the incidence of respiratory tract infections among patients in general practice and carry out research based on audit registration to explore the existing use of diagnostic tools in patients with respiratory tract infections.

Based on results from audit registrations in primary health care, the team will develop locally adapted intervention programmes, including guidelines, courses for GPs, workshops and patient information leaflets for improving the quality of antibiotic prescription.

The overall aim of the intervention programme is to reduce the occurrence of bacterial resistance by reducing prescribing of unnecessary antibiotics for respiratory tract infections and by improving the use of appropriate antibiotics in suspected bacterial infections.

The proposed method for auditing GPs is called Audit Project Odense (APO). APO has been developed and successfully tested among the different groups of GPs in the Nordic countries. In this project APO will be used at European level involving some 400 GPs from 11 regions with different cultural background and different organisation of primary health care.

Research on the effect of preventive measures will be performed by analysing audit registrations carried out before and after the intervention period. Recommendations for health policy at political level will prepared. The results will be widely disseminated in a Working Conference hosted by the World Association of Family Doctors (WONCA) at the end of the project period.

To ensure public awareness of the risk of resistant bacteria, media campaigns targeting both professionals and the public will be developed and the results, including a guideline for implementing the APO method in primary health care in other countries, will be published.

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