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Integration of viral genomics with clinical data to predict response to anti-HIV treatment
EC contribution
: € 2.143.000
: 30 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2006
Funding scheme
: Specific Targeted Research Project
: biomedical informatics, decision support systems, HIV, drug resistance, artificial intelligence
Contract/Grant agreement number
: IST-2004-027173
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The EuResist project has developed a European integrated system for clinical management of antiretroviral drug resistance. The system will provide the clinicians with an on-line prediction of response to antiretroviral treatment in HIV patients, thus helping the clinicians to choose the best drug combinations for any given HIV genetic variant. To this end a large European integrated data set has been created, merging resistance databases from Italy (ARCA), Germany (AREVIR) and Sweden (Karolinska) . The EuResist integrated database is probably the largest source of information available about the clinical implications of resistance to antiretrovirals.
The EuResist Combined Prediction System is formed by an array of three predictors, each based on its own definition of features and "derived features", used to extract the maximum information from the data set:

  1. Generative-Discriminative.
  2. Evolutionary.
  3. Higher order interaction.

The Combined predictive System has been validated through a comparative study with the reference rules-based algorithms most commonly used for HIV genotype interpretation. The outcome shows that the EuResist Combined System performs better than the current state of the art.
Also, an Engine-Versus-Experts (EVE) evaluation study is currently ongoing with encouraging preliminary results.

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