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Development and dissemination of a school antibiotic and hygiene education pack and website across Europe
EC contribution
: € 1.865.358
: 39 months
Starting date
: dd/mm/yyyy
Funding scheme
: N/A
: education, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, antibiotic
Contract/Grant agreement number
: 2005211
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e-Bug is a school educational resource pack and website incorporating areas of hygiene and prudent antibiotic use to be developed and disseminated across Europe. The teaching pack with worksheets linking in with each country's national curriculum will be accompanied by websites hosting games and interactive quizzes. In each associated country a dedicated staff member will translate the pack and modify activities to suit the local country's needs. This will be under the supervision of the associated partner. This staff member will implement the pack through a national meeting with education and health stakeholders. Both packs and websites will be evaluated in southern, northern and eastern European countries to demonstrate the usability and impact on children's knowledge. Results will be used to further modify and improve the pack and website to better meet the local needs.

The consortium consists of 10 associated countries (304 million) covering 42% of the European population with the highest antibiotic use and those with large populations, thus obtaining education amongst a high percentage of high antibiotic user countries. These include: France, GB, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Portugal and Greece. Collaborating countries (Croatia, Finland, , Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Slovenia) (37 million) covering 5% of the European population will be involved in the consultation and the launch to help them to coordinate their activities for further implementation of the project results in their countries. In total, this initiative will reach 47% of the European population.

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