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Combinatorial biosynthesis of industrial glycopeptides: technology, optimization and production
EC contribution
: € 1.999.800
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2004
Funding scheme
: Specific Targeted Research Project
: antibiotics, nosocomial infections, novel glycopeptides
Contract/Grant agreement number
: LSH- 503491
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The focus of this proposal is on glycopeptides, a class of antibiotics where room for improvement is anticipated. The objectives are directed at generating new and more effective glycopeptide antibiotics by using combinatorial biosynthesis and at speeding up the development of new candidates by combining post-genomics techniques with modern molecular biotechnology and high quality academic research tightly interconnected with industrial research and production processes by two participating SMEs.


Due to the rapidly increasing frequency of nosocomial infections caused by multi-resistant bacterial pathogens there is an urgent need for novel and better antibiotics that can supplement the existing armamentarium against pathogens.

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