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Bacterial stress management relevant to infectious disease and biopharmaceuticals
EC contribution
: € 2.000.000
: 48 months
Starting date
: 01/03/2004
Funding scheme
: Specific Targeted Research Project
: bacterial cell, pathogens, gram-positive bacteria, cell stress
Contract/Grant agreement number
: LSHC-CT-2004-503468
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Bacteria remain one of the main threats to human health and well-being, particularly in the light of increasing resistance to antimicrobials. More constructively, however, they also have the capacity to provide products (antibiotics, vaccines and biotherapeutics) that have a positive influence on human health. Thus, bacteria are both the targets for, and producers of, biopharmaceuticals that influence human health. BACELL HEALTH is a research and technological development (RTD) project designed to gain new knowledge in the field of bacterial cell biology for the development of new products and processes. The project aims to address both the harmful and beneficial characteristics of bacterial behaviour by undertaking an integrated and in-depth study of the response of Gram-positive bacteria to stress. The ability of bacteria to detect, respond to and resist environmental insult is crucial for their survival in the host during infection and to their productivity in industrial bioprocesses. The physical and chemical insults to which bacteria may be subject, range from generic environmental stresses to specific stresses encountered by pathogens during infection (e.g. host-mediated innate immune responses) or by engineered strains during industrial fermentations.

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