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Implementing antibiotic strategies (ABS) for appropriate use of antibiotics in hospitals in member states of the European Union
EC contribution
: € 798.598
: 24 months
Starting date
: 01/09/2006
Funding scheme
: N/A
: antibiotics (AB), anti-infectives, antibiotic stewardship, antibiotic strategies, antibiotic prophylaxis, antibiotic therapy, antibiotic culture, antibiotic use
Contract/Grant agreement number
: 2005208
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The aim of the project is the further development of organizational competencies regarding the adequate antibiotic use in the cooperating hospitals of the partner countries, as well the qualification of doctors and pharmacists in the adequate antibiotic use. Furthermore quality indicators and process measures for antibiotic use

The project will be implemented in 9 Member States of the EU with a fair balance of old and new Member States: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia.

The project will last for 2 years (September 2006 - September 2008). The project can be broken down into 8 work packages.

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